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Secomea is a leading provider of remote maintenance IIoT solutions used by Machine Builders, Integrators and Manufacturers worldwide.

Secomea have developed a turnkey solution that combines data collection and remote access in one simple and secure platform, enabling machine administrators to perform all aspects of corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance.


Industrial IOT Gateways
  • Sitemanager IIOT gateway ensures intelligent VPN access to any industrial device.

  • Sitemanager includes data collection and advanced edge computing.

  • Safety and access control for the manufacturer.

  • Easy configuration provisioning for the machine provider.

Secomea Iot gateways.webp
Access Management Services-GateManager
  • Using GateManager you control user roles, authentication and authorization. GateManager enables third party access for any PLC, HMI or machine requiring remote service.

  • GateManager’s IoT fleet management tools arm you with a real-time overview of your machines in the field, without incurring travel costs.

GateManager and Machine Builders.webp
Remote Access Clients-Link Manager and LogTunnel
  • LinkManager is designed for Automation Engineers to connect to PLCs, HMIs and other equipment remotely and transparently using programs locally installed on the PC. 

  • LinkManager Mobile means you can access from any device.

  • LogTunnel is designed for establishing static connections from remote equipment to centralized SCADA, MES, ERP or other data logging systems.

Data Collection Cloud
  • Role–based management

  • Intuitive dashboard builder

  • Central SiteManager data collection config management

  • TLS encrypted and highly compact IoT protocol

  • Extra device validation via GateManager Access Management Server

  • Location Service/Map

  • API for external data processing

  • Transparent price model

Data Collection Cloud.webp
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