Wireless Monitoring Sensors

Wireless I/O replacement for cabling systems in 900Mhz and 2.4Ghz approved for Australian use. Point to multi point networks. Providing digital, analogue, temperature & counter inputs and outputs. Gateway models available with Ethernet Modbus TCIP/IP, EthernetIP or serial RS485 Modbus RTU protocols.


Data Radios for wireless Serial (Modbus) and Ethernet communication in 900Mhz and 2.4 Ghz.


DXM Controller to facilitate connectivity between wireless gateways and ethernet networks or cellular 3G communication networks. Provides data logging of and logic control, Designed for IIoT based applications.


Simple point to point wireless communication between tower lights, LED indicators and push buttons. Digital and analogue inputs and outputs.

Remote access wirelessly analog values such as temperature, humidity, level, vibration and position

CDK Automation as Distributors for Banner Engineering Wireless Sensors in Canning Vale, Western Australia