ManuFlo Flow Measurement Products

MRTU4 / 6 LCD Resettable counter and Rate flowmeters


  • 4 digit with large LCD resettable totalizer or flowrate display (20mm high)

  • 6 digit resettable (or not) totalizer with dual flowrate display

  • Total in Litres or optional Kilo-Litres

  • Flowrate in Litres/min. or optional Litres/sec.       

  • Easy reset of total via flip top lid. (where activated).                                 

  • ± 2.5% accuracy, at 0.7 - 8.0 m/s flow velocity

  • Repeatability: ± 1.0%                                            

  • Internal 3.6 v Lithium Battery (8+ year life).  

  • Max. Process Temperature 9  0 ºC.

  • Max. Ambient Temperature 55 ºC.

    • Max. Operating Pressure: PVC Tee’ options rated to 1100 kPa

               All Metal Tee options are rated 1500 kPa

  • With simple installation pipe fittings/adapters.

  • For pipe sizes from 20 to 100 mm (short stem version) or

       125 to 500mm (long stem version)

  • Optional programmable pulse output, via M12 IP67 plug set

  • Robust ABS-UV IP66 Display housing

  • Dual Hinged robust lid protects LCD from sunlight, with magnet

       secure function.

  • Slip insertion sensor design with locking cap allows simple removal  from pipeline if cleaning rotor.

  • Optional External re-calibrate via Portable Device with RFID and EWM  calibration software


'Dual Display'.png

Dual Display’

6 Digit Resettable

Running Total &

5 Digit Flow Rate 


 with 50mm (2”)
 GAL Pipe Fitting

MRTU6: Ideal in Irrigation and many other general
water measurement and monitoring applications.
Incorporating the widely used RPFS sensor design.

MRTU6 with Saddle Clampo Fitting.png

MRTU6 with Saddle

Clamp Fitting

MRTU4 with PVC.png

MRTU4 with PVC 
Pipe Adaptor Fitting
& Pulse output option

RPFS Insertion Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor



  • ± 2.5% accuracy @ velocity range 0.5 to 8.5 m/sec.

  • ± 1   % accuracy over linear range 0.7 to 7.0 m/sec.

  • Repeatability of ±0.6%.

  • NPN inductive pulse with internal amplification.

  • Square wave output with short circuit protection.


  • Inductive coil pulse option for low current applications.

  • High Pressure options to 2000kpa


  • 50°C or 120°C temperature models.


  • Simple installation and maintenance.

  • Large range of pipe adapter fittings in sizes 20 to 110mm.

       (Larger pipe sizes to 500mm using “Long Stem” –LS version)

  • Stainless Steel 17-4PH paddlewheel rotor without magnets.


  • Australian made since 1984. (Now with new high speed bush option).




The Rota Pulse Flow Sensor (RPFS) paddlewheel insertion type flowmeter uses a proven principle of flow measurement, which is used worldwide. The RPFS comes in four model variants:

  • RPFS-P for liquids up to   50°C (plug-in cable)

  • RPFS-H for liquids up to 120°C          

  • RPFS-L for liquids up to 120°C (Inductive pulse)

RPFS-LO for liquids up to 120°C (built in OP Amp offers ultra low current inductive pulse)


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