Banner Engineering - Machine Safety

Safety Light Curtains for hand & finger detection and Perimeter light curtains for body detection Models designed for Safe Category 4 PL e per IEC 61946 /ISO 13849.1 and SIL 3 per IEC 61508/IEC 62061 or Safe Category 2 PL c per EN ISO 13849-1 and IEC 61496-1/2. Minimum object detection sizes 14mm, 23mm, 40mm as well as 500mm, 400 & 300mm grid and single point models. Available with integral muting control and IP69K washdown housing for food & beverage industry.

Safety laser scanners. Non-contact detection of personnel in work areas or for anti-collision on mobile equipment. Designed to meet Safe Category 3 PL d SIL2 SIL CL2, Sensing ranges from 0 - 4mtrs and 0 - 6.5 mtrs

SX Series Safety Scanner.png
SLC4 Compact Safety Light Curtain.png

NEW Hybrid SC10 Safety Relay

Flexible and cost effective solution for machines typically using 2 Safety Relays. Up to 10 Safety Inputs and 2 Independently controlled Safety Outputs, Terminal LED for easy trouble shooting and Industrial Ethernet.  This Safety Relay is PC configurable using Banner's Free Software Package.  Designed for Safe Category 4 PL e per ISO 13849.1 and SIL3 CIL3 per IEC 61508/IEC 62061.

SC10 Safety Relay.png

Safety Controllers, programmable with fixed I/O or expandable up to 154 safe /non-safety inputs with 40 configurable status outputs. Models available with Ethernet Modbus TCP, EthernetIP and Profinet communication protocols. Designed for Safe Category 4 PL e per ISO 13849.1 and SIL3 CIL3 per IEC 61508/IEC 62061.

Safety Relays, for emergency stops 0 & 1, muting and no motion detection. Other models available for Safety mat, muting and speed monitoring.

Emergency Stops and stop controls. Panel and flush mount emergency stop push buttons with illuminated switches or bases. Cable pull/lanyard safety switches and safety enabling hand held switches. Operator two hand control safety devices.

Safety interlock switches. Mechanical straight, rotary or hinged actuated or non-contact magnetic, coded or RFID safety switches. Latching mechanical switches with power to lock or unlock.