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Turck Australia

Turck are specialists in sensors, fieldbus, connection and interface technology and also human-machine interfaces (HMI) and RFID systems.  Turck offer efficient, time-effective solutions for factory and process automation.

Pharmaceutical, machine and plant construction, automotive, transport, food and packaging are all areas Turck products can increase the efficiency of your systems.

Banner Engineering

Banner Engineering products are built for simplicity and versatility offering customers quick and cost effective solutions for their most challenging applications.

Unitronics PLC + HMI

Unitronics offers an All-in-One controller, an integrated HMI+ PLC with on-board I/Os.  This new controller revealed immediate savings, eliminating time-wasting tasks such as PLC-Panel wiring and communication setup. Unitronics supported the All-in-One concept with new simplified software that enabled the Ladder control, HMI application, and all hardware and COM configuration to be programmed in a single, simple environment.

Floyd Instruments

Floyd instruments are an Australian specialist company manufacturing/calibrating Pressure Gauges.  Floyd have a range of gauges available from low cost to higher end Full Stainless Steel - plus they have the technology to customise the gauge dial with colour coding to your requirements.  Floyd can even apply your Company Name/Logo to the gauge dial if required.  Excellent support is offered, repair and service most makes of gauges with NATA traceable certification being available.

IDEM Safety Switches

IDEM's team with over 200 years of combines experience have set a new industry standard by offering the "Next Generation" of machines safety interlocks and devices with higher reliability, increased innovative features and up to date durability to cope with the continually increasing environmental demands placed on machine safety devices.

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