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JZ-PRG Jazz Programming Kit

JZ-PRG Jazz Programming Kit

  • The JZ-PRG Jazz Programming Kit facilitates an RS232 communication link between a Jazz series OPLC (Operator Panel and Logic Controller). This communication link provides the following benefits and capabilities:

    • PC-PLC communications
    • Download of the application program into the Jazz PLC
    • RS232 communications with devices that supply active (RS232 positive voltage) DTR and RTS signals, such as most modems. Note that modems require an appropriate adapter

    Kit Contents:

    • MJ10-22-CS10: D-type adapter, interface between the PC serial port and programming cable.
    • MJ20-CB200: 6-wire programming cable, two meters long. Use this to connect the PC serial port to the Jazz Programming Add-on Port, via adapter MJ10-22-CS10.
    • MJ20-PRG: RS232 Programming Add-On Port. Insert this into the Jazz jack, to provide the serial interface for the programming cable.
    • CD: Contains application programming software, software utilities, and technical library, including technical specifications for the MJ20-PRG.

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